First Exhibit

We took down my first exhibit Friday, It had been up for almost two months at Open Spirit in Framingham. Considering it was my first, I think it was a success. I had a lot of very positive feedback.  I am not sure what might be next. I have been slowly going through my photos … More First Exhibit

Shifting blogs

I watched a live seminar by Lindsay Adler (a NY photographer) on CreativeLive yesterday about Social Media Marketing. It was really good. The one thing that I really picked up on was that you need to be consistent across all your sites and that you should be active in as many places as possible without … More Shifting blogs

My first Goof

Well, this is now very interesting.  I decided I wasn’t thrilled with the theme that I was using so I decided to change it.  When I did change it, I had some unexpected results so I am now rethinking the layout.  As I mentioned previously (if I can ever find those comments) this will definitely … More My first Goof